2019-20 BCS Calendar

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  • labelHow was the 2019/2020 school year calendar devised?

    A calendar subcommittee was formed. This subcommittee consisted of teachers, parents and board members. In efforts to hear as many voices as possible, each class ambassador was asked to elicit responses from parents of each class for their input regarding the school calendar. These responses were compiled and submitted to the subcommittee for consideration. Input was also considered from the primary and secondary principles and their teachers. The final calendar was voted on by the board of directors. Many hours were dedicated to formulating a calendar that reflected the voice of parents, teachers and administration without compromising the needs of the school year as a whole. While the desires of every individual cannot be fully met in one calendar, the hope of this calendar is to represent a fair compromise.

  • labelWhat determines Professional Development days?

    Professional Development days provide necessary time for BCS teachers to receive additional education and training for the purpose of immediate implementation, thereby benefiting the students and the school in the current school year. In order to facilitate greater use of the tools and skills gained during training, most PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT days are established within the first half of the school year. Professional Development days also allow for training that provides necessary contact hours for the educator’s licensure as well as satisfies requirements of the school’s accrediting body (ACSI).

  • labelWhat is the purpose of a half day and do we need them?

    BCS strives to limit half days. The school recognizes that a half day can pose a burden on the teachers for the sake of curriculum completion as well as the working parent who is faced with logistical issues of childcare. In consideration of these reasons, BCS desires to only implements half days just before a holiday break and for the last day of school as students typically find it hard to concentrate or stay focused on these days.

  • labelWhat is the reason for the rest of the days off that are not holidays or Professional Development days?

    Twice a year BCS schedules a week of Parent/Teacher Conferences. During this time, teachers spend many extra hours preparing for and meeting with parents. As you can imagine this can create a long and, many times, exhausting week. BCS appreciates their teachers and their dedication to their students and their families. As a result, a day off is provided to accommodate for rest and refreshment. Another consideration for an additional day off is during high school tournaments. When feasible, BCS may schedule a Thursday and/or Friday off during tournaments in the fall and spring to accommodate for the several high school students that will be out of school. BCS recognizes that tournaments may not directly affect the elementary school; however, BCS is uniquely designed as a K-12 school which, in and of itself, creates a need for uniquely designed schedules.

  • labelWhy is school out so much earlier in the 2019/2020 school calendar?

    After reviewing parent feedback for the school calendar, a strong desire for the school year to end before Memorial Day was evident. After much consideration, the subcommittee agreed that this could be made possible by shortening the school year by just 2 days. BCS typically follows a 180-day school year, however with Memorial Day falling so early in 2020, the school calendar results in 178 days. Be assured that BCS is still falling well within the state standard despite the 2-day change. Getting out before Memorial Day will add an additional week of summer for families to spend time with one another, which was a voiced desire for many BCS families.

  • labelIf the school year is shortened by two days, why is the tuition going up?

    One goal of BCS is to produce quality students with a quality education. This is largely dependent on quality educators. The administrators and board of directors have agreed that one of the ways to ascertain quality educators is for BCS to offer competitive pay. In order to compensate for the increase in pay, a small raise in tuition was made. BCS desires to affirm their educators with competitive pay. Whether the school year is 180 days or 178 days, BCS trusts that their educators can provide the same quality education.

Kristi Williams, BCS Board of Directors