Faculty & Staff

Mrs. Diann Floth

Head of School/ Secondary Principal

B.S. Finance, M.A. Business Admin., ACSI Certification

Mrs. Felicia Henderson

Elementary Principal

B.S. Elementary Education, M.Ed. Elementary, ACSI Certification

Mrs. Brandy Porter

Preschool 3

B.S. Elementary Education

Mrs. Lorie Sullivan

Preschool 4

B.S. Elementary Education

Mrs. Brenda Ward

Kindergarten Readiness

B.A. Music Education, 35 years preschool teaching experience

Mrs. Laurey Barndt


B.S. Elementary Education

Mrs. Morgan Spronk


B.S. Elementary Education

Mrs. Amy Bunting

First Grade

B.A. English Literature, ACSI Certification

Mrs. Deb Halvorson

Second Grade

B.S. Elementary Ed/Spanish, ACSI Certification

Mrs. Kristin Wylie

Third Grade

B.S. Elementary Education, ACSI Certification

Mrs. Becky Reno

Fourth Grade

B.S. Elementary Education, ACSI Certification

Mrs. Amy Thiel

Fifth Grade

B.S. Elementary Education, ACSI Certification

Mrs. Peggy Mathiason

Reading & Math Specialist

B.S. Elementary Ed/Minor in Reading, ACSI Certification

Mrs. Stacey Casterline

Secondary Support Specialist

B.A. Interdisciplinary Child Development, M.Ed. Curriculum and Instruction

Mr. Wes Coy

High School Math, Athletic Director

B.S. Secondary Education, M.A. Ed. Leadership, ACSI Certification

Miss Linda Reeves

6th Grade Math, 6th Grade Language & Literature, Home Economics

B.S. Elementary & Secondary Education, ACSI Certification

Mrs. Judith Waggoner

7th Grade English, Algebra 1/2 & 1

B.S. Education, ACSI Certification

Mr. Michael Meyer

Band Director, Secondary Teacher (Apologetics, Bible, Debate)

B.S. Education, M. Ed., Masters of Divinity

Mrs. Kristin Svec

Secondary Science

B.S. Biology & Chemistry, ACSI Certification

Mrs. Toni Allen

Secondary Computer Science, Yearbook

B.S. Elementary Education, ACSI Certification

Mrs. Heather Sloan

Secondary Math

B.S. Mathematics, ACSI Certification

Mrs. Karen Garcia

High School English, 8th Grade English, Algebra II and III, PSAT, ACT/SAT, Speech, Senior Advisor

B.S. Secondary Education, ACSI Certification

Mr. Craig Carse

Secondary Teacher/High School Boys Basketball Coach

B.S. Health & Physical Ed, B.S. Psychology, Masters of Physical Education

Mrs. Vanessa Lund

High School English, Literature, Anatomy, Intro to Business

B.A. Business Administration, Masters of Health Administration, M.Ed. in Curriculum & Instruction, ACSI Certification

Mr. Danny Kobold

Physics, Chemistry, Physical Science, Computer Coding, Robotics

A.S. Environmental Science, B.S. Chemistry, ACSI Certification.

Mr. Mike Williams

Geography, World History, U.S. Government, P.E.

B.S. Elementary Education, ACSI Certification

Mrs. Katherine Nelson

Creation Science, Consumer Math

B.S. Natural Resource Conservation, M.S. Agronomy

Mrs. Laura Quale

Physical Education

B.S. Health Enhancement and Physical Education with a Business Education Minor

Mrs. Melissa Geiger


B.A. Fine Arts, ACSI Certification

Miss Lauren Carr

Orchestra Director

B.A. Music, B.A. Anthropology

Miss Nicole Griffith

Music Director

B.A. Music, ACSI Certification

Miss Meagan Tompkins

Secondary English

B.A. English

Mrs. Amy Keyser


B.A. Spanish, B.A. Organizational Communications, M.Ed.

Mrs. Teresa Tompkins

Admissions and Finance Coordinator

Mr. Brian Henderson

Facilities Manager

A.S. Occupational Education, Certificate of Christian Education

Mrs. Erika Besel

Student Activities Coordinator

Mrs. Janet Smith

School Secretary

Miss Jaclynn Wall

Elementary Librarian, Teacher’s Aid

A.A. Administrative Assistant

Brenda Sonnett

Food Service Manager

Business Diploma