“BCS is a family that we have loved being part of! They have felt ‘seen’ and welcomed into this community. The teacher and staff truly care about every student and family, and it is noticeable. My youngest son struggled a lot with separation anxiety the previous year. Mrs. Anderson and Mrs. Neff made him feel safe and cared for. He made it through his first day and came home saying he loved school! And has not looked back since! We love that for as much emphasis there is on high academic success, there is equal put on faith and character development. This is a priceless component of this school.”

- Brian & Angie Gross

“[BCS is] teaching my child about kindness, and giving grace as God gives us when other children can be hurtful. She has learned leaps and bounds about the Bible and continues to use these in her life. She teaches me to be more kind in my own life.”

- Riley & Farrah Schindler

"BCS has been a safe and secure place for our son to learn and to grow in the Lord without any concerns. We would not want him anywhere else!"

-Mark and Janel Allison

"We are grateful that the kids have been in school all year [2020]. BCS handled all the communication, masking, and other Covid-related issues really well. The kids had a good year. We are grateful for all of the extra work the teachers and aides did to make it a good year."

- Kristian and Lindsey French

"We desire for our family values to be supported and encouraged by our children's learning environment, and BCS excels at doing just that!"

- Stephen and Kristin Wylie

"We know that our children are being cared for on a much higher level than other schools, while still receiving a high quality education."

- Cole and Valory Hoefle

"One of the best decisions we've ever made. The spiritual climate and bible-based education is just what we were looking for!"

- Danny and Laurie Houde

"We feel unbelievably blessed to be a part of Billings Christian School. Our school provides a safe, enriching, Christ-like learning environment where God is honored. The staff at BCS love the children well and treat you like family. We love the Christ-centered coaching in our athletics programs. BCS has been worth the investment in our children."

- Charles and Traci Wagner

"Definitely a great investment in your kids future. Kids get one childhood and we are so fortunate to be able to send our kids here."

- John and Lori Reffit

"BCS has been nothing but exceptional for our daughter. Although she is just in preschool, we can see the growth in her both academically and spiritually. Would highly recommend BCS for any grade!"

- Adam and Amanda Wooten