"BCS has been a safe and secure place for our son to learn and to grow in the Lord without any concerns. We would not want him anywhere else!"

-Mark and Janel Allison

"We have been so impressed with the spiritual training our children have received. We are overwhelmed with gratitude for BCS."

-Eli and Catherine Kliewer

"We are grateful that the kids have been in school all year [2020]. BCS handled all the communication, masking, and other Covid-related issues really well. The kids had a good year. We are grateful for all of the extra work the teachers and aides did to make it a good year."

- Kristian and Lindsey French

"We desire for our family values to be supported and encouraged by our children's learning environment, and BCS excels at doing just that!"

- Stephen and Kristin Wylie

"A safe, loving, productive learning environment. My granddaughter loves this school!"

- Carolyn Kissel

"The teachers really take an interest in your child. They genuinely care about them and want to see them succeed in life and with the Lord."

- Mike and Lauri Feralio

"We know that our children are being cared for on a much higher level than other schools, while still receiving a high quality education."

- Cole and Valory Hoefle

"One of the best decisions we've ever made. The spiritual climate and bible-based education is just what we were looking for!"

- Danny and Laurie Houde

"We feel unbelievably blessed to be a part of Billings Christian School. Our school provides a safe, enriching, Christ-like learning environment where God is honored. The staff at BCS love the children well and treat you like family. We love the Christ-centered coaching in our athletics programs. BCS has been worth the investment in our children."

- Charles and Traci Wagner

"Definitely a great investment in your kids future. Kids get one childhood and we are so fortunate to be able to send our kids here."

- John and Lori Reffit