Academic Strategic Planning

Simon Jeymes with Christian School Management will be here in May to assist us in designing our Academic Strategic Plan. Here is what it will involve:

The strategic planning retreat is convened of 3.0 days. The days will be in the week of April 8th, 2019. The first day is with the faculty leadership team, the two principals, and the Head of School. The team members are focused on foreseeing the strategic academic planning the school must undertake. The elements they consider are:

  1. Who the child is
  2. How the child is currently being served in light of the mission
  3. Where the faculty’s pedagogy, content, program (the “curriculum” in a holistic sense) needs to go to stay relevant and competitive
  4. How “a superior Christian education” both leads change and might be impacted by change

The second day is with the Head of School and the whole Leadership Team. Their task is to foresee, including the conversation the day before, what the future needs of the school might be given the desire to build an expansion and to increase enrollment. The elements they consider are:

  1. Enrollment
  2. Faculty implications
  3. Program implications
  4. Facility implications
  5. Financial implications

The third day is with the Principals. Their task is to create the finished document and talk through execution. The document is presented to the Faculty Leadership Team after lunch for review and revision. The day finishes with a 90 minute presentation to the whole faculty and School Leadership Team. The Board is invited to hear the presentation.

The evening of the 3rd day is a meeting with the Head of School to review the process and to consider challenges.

As part of the process, the Consultant will include leadership insights and training to all participants as the process moves through the phases.

Diann Floth, Head of School