Our athletic program provides a means to teach how a Christian should compete on the field/court as well as function in other aspects of life. Our players must participate in such a way that honors the team, the school, and the Lord. At Billings Christian School, an athlete must play and observe regulations and policies, treat others with courtesy and respect, and take adversity without complaining. Billings Christian School is committed to developing a perspective on winning and losing that is consistent with the teachings of scripture. We expect our coaches and athletes to dedicate themselves to this goal. Our challenge is to be in contrast to a sports world that emphasizes winning at any cost. Winning should be one of our goals, but we recognize that sports presents a beneficial learning experience, regardless of outcome. The objectives we have for our coaches, teams and players must be consistent with our philosophy.

High School

We will be offering High School girls soccer this fall! Our High School soccer program is for grades 9th through 12th. Games normally start in September with practices beginning a few weeks prior. Depending on the number of athletes, we will have a Junior Varsity and Varsity teams. Teams travel within the state of Montana. Athletic fees are added to your tuition payment plan. Parents are required to participate in a rotating schedule of the following duties: game book, clock keeper, clean up, and concessions. We make every effort to ensure you are available to watch your child’s game. Our parents and students graciously participate in one main fundraising activity to ensure adequate funds to provide this program.

Athletic Forms