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J-Term Update

We have changed the calendar a little bit this year. At the end of March we will be having J-Term in the JH and HS. For that week students will be participating in a class or activity that they normally wouldn’t be able to do. We are working on setting up opportunities for students and […]

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Guided Reading

Guided Reading is small group differentiated instruction that supports students in developing reading proficiency. Groups made up of two to six students are based on the students’ needs, whether they are reading below, on, or above grade level. Students’ texts are chosen based on their instructional reading level, which means the texts are a tad […]

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School Improvement

This topic is paramount to the future of Billings Christian School. Our goal is to continually look for ways to improve the learning environment for our students. This includes everything we do: curriculum, instructional methods, schedules, athletics, electives, music, college planning, facilities, etc. Every year, we look in-depth at each of these areas to determine […]

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