Budgeting Process

The reason we spend time budgeting each year is to ensure the best education for our students. Our goal is to equip our teachers with what they need to teach successfully. This includes supplies and equipment, but it also includes compensation. Our students need up-to-date curriculum and technology, along with classrooms conducive to learning.

Our budgeting process for the upcoming school year starts in October. At that time, we look at the prior year’s expenses especially for utilities, maintenance, autos, and curriculum. Department head’s including Secondary Principal, Elementary Principal and Facilities Manager submit requests for any budget changes. Principals can request changes in personnel, curriculum, and equipment. Anticipated repairs and replacements are submitted by our Facilities Manager.

Our technology plan directs technology expenditures, and our strategic plan directs changes in strategic initiatives. The current strategic plan was developed by parent sub-committees in the spring of 2016. For the 2019-20 school year, the strategic initiatives include increasing teacher salaries, professional development for teachers, and community awareness, as well as adding business preparedness instruction in our secondary school and technology upgrades.

The budget adjustments are compiled by our Head of School. The budget is reviewed by the Head of School and board Treasurer to ensure we are following good stewardship principles. The budget is approved by the board of directors. Throughout this process, prayers go out for God’s wisdom and guidance at each step.

Diann Floth, Head of School