Elementary Parent Conferences

In the elementary school, our staff requests parent conferences a minimum of two times during a school year, with one conference being scheduled during a specified week following first quarter and the latter being scheduled a specified week during third quarter.  Time is carved out for conferences with each family from the end of the school day until early evening during those specified weeks.

In the fall, teachers request conferences with each student’s family, and each conference lasts 15 minutes.  Teachers and parents are given the opportunity to get to know each other better, and teachers are able to share with parents expectations for grade level.  A student’s strengths as well as areas needed for growth, including both academic and behavioral, are also communicated.

In the spring, conferences are 10 minutes each, and are primarily student-led.  Before meeting with parents, students go through a self-evaluation process and decide what they will share with their parents. During conferences, students discuss areas they are doing well, and they also discuss areas they desire to improve, including possible ways they can do so.

Although we have two designated weeks during the year that we request conferences, parents are encouraged to communicate with teachers throughout the year via school email or other classroom apps with any questions or concerns they might have.  Additional conferences are welcomed; to schedule a conference, parents only need to contact the teacher or office to set up an appointment time that will work for both parties.

Felicia Henderson, Elementary Principal