Graduation Requirements

I often get asked about graduation requirements, so I want to take this opportunity to explain a little about what they are and why they exist. Graduation requirements serve the purpose of making sure our graduates qualify for a BCS diploma, while ensuring the diploma meets requirements of our accrediting organizations and the mission and vision of BCS. In short, when a student graduates from BCS we want he/she to be able to make whatever choice they want regarding their future and career, while also being able to impact their culture positively for Jesus Christ.

To meet these goals, BCS requirements look a lot like requirements form most high schools, especially when it comes to the core subjects of History, Math, English and Science. We also have a minimum number credits and students will need to take a certain amount of electives in order to reach that minimum amount. Where BCS differs from many other schools is the other things that we require for graduation.

BCS requires 4 years of Bible while in high school. We are re-doing the Bible curriculum a little and beginning next year the HS Bible curriculum will consist of the life of Christ and Early Church History as freshman, studies in a Biblical Worldview as sophomores, other World religions from a Christian Perspective, and a senior capstone project. Our goal is to give each graduate the tools to defend their faith in a culture that is increasingly hostile toward Christianity.

Starting next year each student will be required to have had a successful Warrior Week (formerly J-Term) experience for each year of HS. During the week between the 3rd and 4th quarters students are able to choose from a number of activities, including short term missions, in-depth studies, job shadowing, and many others.

There are many other aspects of Graduation requirements that we could discuss but won’t fit in this short article.   Please let me know if you have any input. We hope that what is offered and required by BCS will provide students with a fulfilling and challenging education that will prepare them to be successful in life however God leads.

Wes Coy, Secondary Principal