Learner Centered Education

There have been many changes in educational philosophy and best practices since I started in the profession. Of all the things that have happened I believe one of the most significant changes during my career has been the access to information that students now have.

I think back to when I was in high school many years ago. The teacher and the textbook were in most cases the primary, if not the only, way to get data and information regarding a certain subject. Research was done by spending hours and hours in the library searching out information that may or may not be there, depending on the library.

Fast forward to today, and for good or bad, much of the information in the world is available in a couple of clicks of the mouse or a few swipes on a phone. That access to information is not only what our students have grown up with, but it has also fundamentally changed the nature of the student-teacher relationship. Whereas teachers once controlled what information students consumed on any given day, they are now tasked with helping students learn in a given subject area, be discerning consumers of information, and apply things learned in class to be successful in a quickly changing and increasingly complex world.

Our goal at BCS is to provide our students, and ultimately our graduates, with the best education that we possibly can, both academically and spiritually. Becoming a more learner centered environment, where each student has ownership in their education and its application for their lives, will help us be effective in reaching all of our goals.

Wes Coy, Secondary Principal