More Than a Matter of Time

by Jason N. Bolt, Chaplain/Athletic Director

Whenever a change is made, there must be a compelling reason for the change. When the Apostles decreed in Acts 15 that converted gentiles would no longer have to be circumcised, when Martin Luther declared at the Diet of Worms in 1521 that he no longer saw the Pope as the ultimate authority, and when my wife moved dinner the other night from 5:00 P.M. to 6:00 P.M., there were compelling reasons. The same is true whenever we make changes at BCS.

In 2019, the decision was made to eventually move to a block schedule with extended class periods for grades 6–12. The impetus behind considering this change was the desire to enhance our students’ experience on campus and to utilize every minute throughout the day as effectively as possible. As we considered changing our schedule, we concluded that longer class periods would facilitate deeper learning and better serve our goal of graduating students who not only have a certain level of knowledge but who are a certain type of person.

Utilizing a block schedule is more than a matter of the time between bells. There are fewer transitions and disruptions (i.e. taking attendance, passing out materials) during the day, which allows more time dedicated to learning. When class periods are longer, teachers can utilize more varied and innovative teaching strategies. They can cover content in less time with fewer interruptions and provide learners with more attention and one-on-one support. They can engage learners in more sustained, in-depth learning activities, including more sophisticated projects, teamwork-based exercises, Socratic seminars, and other activities that could not be easily finished in our current 45-minute class periods.

We find all of these reasons compelling, and we are diligently planning and training for this change that will better serve our students as they discover their God-given gifts and talents, pursue a life of excellence and integrity in Jesus Christ, and impact the world for God.