Elementary School (K-4)

Thank you for stopping into our Elementary School! As we partner with families, our mission is to guide our students to pursue a life of excellence and integrity in Jesus Christ, to discover their God-given gifts and talents, and to impact the world around them for the kingdom of God.

We partner with families in providing a loving, Christian educational community. Using best teaching practices, we strive for excellence in the development of our students’ literacy and numeracy skills, as well as in the development of fundamental skills and concepts in a variety of other subject areas that are required for each grade level based on our content standards. With each subject being taught through a Biblical Worldview, students are engaged and challenged during Phonics, Reading, Spelling, Grammar, Writing, Math, Handwriting, Science, History, and Bible classes. Elementary students enhance their education through additional classes in Music, Art, Technology, and Physical Education.

Students learn about the importance of living a life surrendered to Christ and allowing Him to transform us daily to have His character. They also learn about the importance of studying God’s Word, praying, and worshiping Him. While enveloping students in Christ’s love and allowing children to grow in a grace-filled environment, students learn about moral and spiritual principles, as well as accountability, in order to achieve their highest potential for His glory.

In our elementary classes, each child:

  • Knows and is known by the teacher – every teacher loves every child as a unique creation of God
  • Studies all the core subject classes along with a variety of other subject areas, all with a Biblical worldview
  • Learns to put Christ first through daily devotionals, Bible class, and chapel
  • Participates in large-group instruction along with leveled reading and math small groups that meet students where they are academically

Instruction is designed to engage and motivate students to perform at their best potential. Annual and triannual standardized testing data is used to best instruct students in small groups at their similar levels while reading texts or needing similar reading or math concepts taught. Advanced math groups are also utilized to challenge students who have scored high on standardized testing and have been recommended by teachers. Students who require extra support in Reading and Math have the opportunity to participate in small group instruction from our Reading and Math Specialist.

Billings Christian School is dually-accredited through the Association of Christian Schools International and AdvancEd.