School Planning

by Diann Floth, Head of School

Planning is a constant at our school. We plan daily lessons, events and concerts, Warrior Week, schedules for the upcoming year, and the list could go on. There are two specific times when we focus on a comprehensive vision. The first is the campus master plan that is currently underway. We have retained a local firm to facilitate this nine-month process. They will assess what we have now for land and buildings, then facilitate a discussion among our constituency groups as to how the future of our facilities could look. Facilities planning is a lengthy process but, in the end, I know we will all be grateful everyone was heard and we had experts guiding us. 

The other planning process is strategic planning. While a strategic plan can involve our facilities, the plan also focuses on staffing, resources, academics, students, programs, and community. Our current strategic plan was written in 2017 and ends this year. Through our board training with the Gianforte Foundation, we have learned that a three-year rolling plan is the most effective method in today’s ever-changing environment. Members from both our school board and foundation board will be attending a training on January 19th to fully understand the rolling plan. We will continually seek God throughout as we want the plan to reflect His will for the future of Billings Christian School.