Teacher Feature – Kristin Svec

Secondary Science

Our inquisitive junior high science students have been discovering more details about God’s world and His amazing creation this school year. The sixth grade students studied weathering, erosion, natural resources, and the scientific process during the fall semester. Recently, their investigations have focused on matter and its properties. They experimented with matter in different states and also with the involvement of density in determining whether solids and liquids will float. Soon, the sixth graders will learn more details about the atoms that make up matter. The seventh grade Life Science students perused the characteristics and processes of living organisms in the fall and are now inspecting each kingdom of living creatures in detail. Lately, they observed protists swim in pond water, dissected mushrooms and flowers, and competed as water purification engineers to purify putrid water. The seventh graders will soon delve into an overview of various types of animals. Eighth grade Earth Science students considered aspects of geology including tectonic plate movement, identifying rocks and minerals, and analyzed the main differences between Creationism and secular origin theories this past fall. Currently, they are surveying the incredible properties of water and its molecules can have different densities at various temperatures. These investigations of water will propel the eighth graders into a unit on oceans, streams, and groundwater. In each junior high science course, our students at BCS view evidences of God’s incredible and wise design visible in our world. As they study, we aim for students to glorify God for His awe-inspiring creation and also to utilize their knowledge both to help people and to carefully steward our planet and its resources.