Teacher Feature – Toni Allen

Secondary Computer Science, Yearbook
The technology practiced in the elementary classes is exciting and fun! The students are using both tablets and Chromebooks to integrate and supplement the skills that the students are learning in the classroom. The goal is to use apps and web based programs to enhance and extend further learning.
To illustrate how we are accomplishing this, during the Christmas season students recorded facts that they already knew about the North Pole then we tested their knowledge by participating in a virtual tour. The virtual tour allowed students to feel like they were there and witness the lonely, barren environment. It provoked more questions about this arctic sea environment. We compared and contrasted what they previously believed to be true to what attributes North Pole actually possessed.
Computer skills, such as keyboarding, navigation, and research are also a high priority. Students are challenged to use creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills.
It is so rewarding to see how we can use technology to create a 1:1 environment to meet students where they are at and promote learning and produce unique and creative projects.