The Challenge in Athletics Today

Many of us have seen the recent article written by Mark Beckman, Executive Director of the Montana High School Association. In his article Mr. Beckman talks about the trouble they are having finding and keeping officials. He states that the reason many officials give for either leaving (or not starting) is adult behaviors. He asks that parents officially cool it. I hope that his admonition doesn’t include you, but if it does, I agree with Mr. Beckman. Cool it.

As Christian parents, family members, and fans who are cheering on students from BCS, we have a great opportunity to help make athletics a positive experience for all involved. The example we set goes a long way toward defining the experience for the players, and in the end it is an experience that should bring honor to God and draw everyone closer to Him. I have few ideas that can help us all be the example that we want to be:

-during the game always treat everyone in the gym with love, respect and dignity. It doesn’t matter who it is, we are called to love others. We want our kids to compete within the rules as hard as they can, but it really isn’t about winning and losing, it’s about building Christian Character.

-after the game, no matter how it turns out or what happened, continue to be positive in all your interactions. When you have a chance, take the time to sit down and pray with your student-athlete, and in a positive manner, talk about how to learn from what is going on. Never, ever, disparage a coach, referee, another player or anyone else, but especially so in front of your athlete, which would include social media. When you post something it is out there for everyone to read.

-never confront anyone in an emotionally charged situation. That goes for texts, emails, and social media posts. If you feel you need to talk to coach, take enough time for both of you to be thinking clearly, set an appointment, and go have a conversation.

-and most importantly, remember to support everyone involved in prayer.

I’m sure we could add to this list, and I hope that you take the time to think and pray about these things. Participating in athletics can be a very valuable tool in the learning experience of student-athletes. Many life lessons learned on a court or field cannot be learned anywhere else, especially so at a Christian School such as BCS. Our goal is to have graduates that will live out their Christianity in such a way that it allows them to interact and have a positive effect on individuals and the culture, and with your help it can be achieved.

Wes Coy, Secondary Principal