Warrior 101: Happenings within BCS Classrooms – Diverse Staff

by Peggy Mathiason

BCS is most generously blessed with a highly trained and qualified faculty! We have a very diverse staff ranging from veteran teachers with over 30 years of experience to brand-new, first-assignment teachers. They represent a constellation of faiths and backgrounds. Some are born and raised Montanans, and some are from states all across our nation. Several have taught in public schools, and some have taught their entire career in private Christian schools. Numerous staff hold advanced degrees and/or specialized training in their subject areas. Many hold state licensure and all are certified through ACSI. However, as diverse as our faculty is, what they all share is their commitment to equipping each of our students to

*discover their God-given gifts and talents,

*pursue a life of excellence and integrity in Jesus Christ, and

*impact the world for God.